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Introducing the all NEW FrogStore!
Posted by Tracy Rauch on 23 August 2022 11:57 AM

Our fantastic FrogStore's new home is packed with easy-to-use, pre-built resources to make your life easier.

All the themes, teaching resources, widgets and academy products are now in one place so you can browse and explore the content easily.

The teaching resources have all been submitted by our schools and we’ve spent a little bit of time making sure all the sites available are up to date.  

You can browse examples before installing. 

The support team will install any resources

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FrogLearn / FrogPlay - Flash Support Deprecation
Posted by Tracy Rauch on 16 December 2020 02:49 PM

From the end of December 2020, Flash will be removed from the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, OSX Safari and Mozilla Firefox.  You will no longer be able to run any Flash files from your browser.  Flash was a very powerful tool for animations, games and interactive content, but unfortunately was also a security risk.  Once Adobe announced they were ending support for Flash, the browser companies took the decision to prevent it running.


What does this mean for our school’s Frog?


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