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FrogLearn - Sites - ​​​​​​Deleting a site
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If you would like to delete a site you can do this easily from within the 'Sites' application. From within sites, if you click on the site you would like to delete, it will highlight it  blue and then it will be selected. From here, click on the actions cog in the top right of this window  and from that drop down menu, click 'Delete'.

You will then be prompted to enter your username as a fail safe to make sure that you are 100% that you wish to delete this site. It is also recorded within the logs which username deleted which site. If a site has been deleted by accident, the Frog Support desk can still recover this site for you from the back end of the system.

Please Note: When a site is deleted, Frog takes that particular site and makes a copy of it in the back end of the system. This only happens when the site is deleted. This doesn't happen every day and every site is not copied to the back end of the system ready to be recovered if any mistakes are made to the site. For example, if you were to delete a text box or a page of a site, we couldn't restore the site from yesterday to get that information back. Backups do take a copy of the whole platform and store it, but we would only restore from a backup in case of an emergency. The support desk is unable to recover any pages that have been deleted from a site and any request to pull the site from a backup, would mean a cost to the customer and downtime of their server. 
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