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Manage site assets- Only available to admin users

Whenever you upload a file to a site; whether that is via a media widget or a file that has been sent via FrogSnap, it will appear in the Site Assets. Site Assets is an application that allows you to view all files that are associated with any given site and it will even show you which files are in use and which ones aren't. You can view and download all the site assets from within the application as well as delete all files that are not in use. It is recommended practice to remove site assets not in use as this can take up memory on the server and in some cases cause slow running of sites (if there are a very large number of assets) 

You can find site assets by clicking on 'Site' located in the top left hand corner of the Frog Bar next to the Frog head. 

When you click on 'Site' you will be shown a drop down menu and you can select 'Manage Site Assets' from here. 

Clicking on 'Manage Site Assets' will display the following window. 

In the image above, you can see that there is search feature within the application which allows you to quickly find any files that you might be looking for. You can see which assets are in use by the green ticks in the top right hand corner of the thumbnail and the red crosses that identify assets that aren't in use. The red 'Clean' button in the bottom right hand corner allows you to remove all assets not in use on a site. 
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