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Frog 3 - Why do I have old users and groups?
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Teaching groups that are automatically populated by the MIS often change year on year due to classes moving around and year groups moving up.  As a result of this, you may find that there are a number of what appear to be duplicated groups in your group list. 

When a group no longer exists in the MIS, Frog will mark the group as no longer linked to the MIS and the members of the group will be removed.  Frog does not automatically delete these groups. 

The following procedure involves the manual deletion of groups.  Please read the instructions carefully and completely before proceeding

We would recommend that the following steps are carried out to remove the old groups at the start of each academic year. 

  • Log into the Toolkit
  • Click on the Admin tab
  • Click on the Users button
  • Cancel the search box that appears and click on the Groups heading in the top left corner.

When the list of groups appears there will be two headings, group name and MIS.  A * in the MIS column indicates that this group is active in the MIS and is write protected in that it cannot be deleted.  Clicking on the MIS column will arrange these groups into either linked or unlinked which makes it easy to remove them.  It may take some time for Frog to display an updated, sorted list especially when it is dealing with thousands of groups.  Your browser may appear to crash, in this case simply wait for the operation to complete and the groups should be displayed. 

Click on the first unlinked group and hold down shift on your keyboard.  Scroll down until you see the very last group.  Clicking on this group should highlight all of the groups with no * in the column. 

Prior to deleting these groups, please be aware that any groups manually created by the school and by Frog will also be in this list.  Hitting delete now would remove these groups.  To prevent this, hold down the Ctrl key and single click on any groups that you wish to retain.  Once you have a complete list of groups selected that you wish to delete, hit the delete key on the keyboard or click delete group.

Groups manually created by Frog may have names such as:

*VLE Admin
*Website Admin
*Governor Admin

Deleting these groups may result in loss of VLE functionality including the ability to use and access certain areas of the VLE.  Please take care when selecting groups to delete.

Please be aware that once a group has been deleted from Frog, there is no way to restore it. 
Once the groups are deleted, they will be removed from the groups list. 

A similar process can be followed to delete any old users that may be on your Frog server.

Please remember that some manual accounts may exist and should not be deleted.

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