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FrogLearn - Changing Dashboards
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Dashboards are the initial pages a user sees when they login to the platform. As an administrator you are able to select what different profiles are able to view when they first login to the platform (admin/staff/student/parent/other).

The dashboards available to the logged in user can be navigated through by clicking through different dashboard selector circles on the top black navigation toolbar.

Adding/Changing Dashboards

When you wish to change a dashboard you must be logged into the platform as an administrator. It is important to note that when you want to add a new dashboard you must already have created a site that you wish to use as a dashboard. Providing you have your site ready to set as a dashboard, click the Frog head at the top left of the black navigation bar then click “System Preferences”.

 In the system preferences window, click on “Dashboards” on the left hand side. You must then select which profile of users you wish to change the dashboards for.



You do this by selecting the desired profile option from the dropdown menu. Once you select a profile you will then be shown a screen with 5 possible dashboards. Each profile can have a maximum of 5 dashboards.

The existing dashboards can be rearranged by holding your left mouse button over them and dragging them left and right. These dashboards represent the dashboard selectors users see on the top black navigation bar when they login. The dashboard on the left hand side is the first dashboard users see when they login to the platform. You can change the order of these dashboards by dragging them left or right with your left mouse button held over them.

To remove a dashboard you can click the red cross at the top right of the thumbnail preview for that dashboard. To add a new site as a dashboard you first need an available place and you will see a grey square containing a plus icon. Clicking this plus icon will open up a FrogDrive window displaying your “My Sites” area.

From this window you can navigate to and find the site you wish to use as a dashboard. Single left click to select a site then click the “Use” button at the top right of this window. This will return you to the system preferences window. But you will now have your site as a dashboard page. 

Below the dashboards area is a “recently used“ area. This displays sites you have recently used as dashboards. In order to re-use these you can hold your left mouse button over them to drag and drop a site into one of the available dashboard slots.

It is also worth noting that you are now able to hide the user timeline and personal dashboard for profiles. By ticking the "hide" checkbox the dashboard will become greyed out and hidden for users of that profile when they next login.

When you are happy with your changes to the dashboards simply click “save changes” for these to take effect for users when they next login to the platform.

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