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FrogLearn - Rules - Setting Rules on Pages & Widgets
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Within FrogLearn you are able to control what content user groups see within sites or dashboards. This is done by using rules that can be applied to both pages within a site and specific widgets on a page.

Setting Rules on Pages or Widgets

In order to create a rule and apply it to a site page or widget, first access that site and click the black “edit” button at the top left to open up the site in edit mode. Single left click the page in the site that you wish to add/change a rule on or single left click the widget that has been dragged onto your site.

For rules on Pages: Next, click on the “page” tab in the left hand side edit tray then just below, click on where it says “rules”. Each of the pages should be hidden by default as indicated by the slider in this section.

For rules on widgets: Single left click this widget to select it which should bring you to the settings tab for the widget then click on where it says "rules". 

The first option you will see is a slider indicating whether the page or widget is to be shown or hidden by default. Clicking this slider will change the option from "show" (default value) to "hide".

  • HIDE – Remain hidden until conditions of the rules are met.

  • SHOW – Remain visible until conditions of the rules are met.

On the rules tab you will be able to see any existing rules that have been listed, below. To add a new rule click the “Add Rule” button to open up the rule editing window.

This is where you define the condition for the rule. Set the slider to set the first part of the condition.

This toggles between:

  • WHEN – Met only when the next part of condition is true.

  • UNLESS – The condition is met unless the next part of the rule is true.

From the Add a Rule drop down menu, you can select to add a rule specifying either:.

  • The user is in a group or profile - You are able to type in the name of a group or profile into a text box and select multiple groups from the dropdown list.

  • The date is... - You are able to select a specific date or range of dates.

  • The user is logged in - No additional options required after selecting this option.

The settings available depend on which of the options you select (see above). Once you have chosen the desired parameters click the blue “Add” button to confirm your rule selection.

It is worth noting that you can add multiple rules to a page or widget in one go.

‘AND’ Rules

Adding another Rule in "Site Rules" will mean that the first rule AND the second rule has to be true before the condition is met. Multiple rules can be added here, each being linked with the AND rule.

If you ever need to modify a rule you can click the pencil icon to the right of the rule. Clicking the cross will delete this rule.

Please be aware however that there is a “Use Last Rule” button you can click when viewing the rules window to automatically add the previously used rule. Once clicked the rule will appear and you can click the blue “Apply” button  when happy with your changes to be taken back to the site.

This will return you to the site looking at the page tab in the left edit panel. A blue and white cog  icon is displayed beside any page (or widget) when a custom rule is applied.


You can make changes to existing rules by clicking the penicl icon in the left hand edit panel and delete any rules here by clicking the X icon.

Clicking on “Save Changes” in the left hand edit panel will save your changes. In this example, users who login who are a member of the student profile will now be restricted from viewing this widget.

‘OR’ Rules

Each time a new Rule is created, it is added to the Rules Settings panel (the most recent displayed to the top) and is joined to the previously added rule with an ‘OR’.

In this example the page will be visible to ‘students’ who are in ‘group1’ after 01/04/2015 but then it will be visible to all users after 01/05/2015.

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