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When you wish to add new users into the platform, this is undertaken through the Users application. This can be done using 2 methods depending on how many users would like to import. This article explains how to add an individual user into the platform.

The first step is to open up the Users application. This application lists all (active and inactive) users on your platform that have been added manually or via an MIS Import. There is a search box at the top right you can use to find the name of a specific user if you so wish. When you start typing in a name the results area below will be filtered. You are also able to click the column headers in order to sort them alphabetically to help find users quickly and efficiently.


Creating a New Individual User

Basic Information

If a new individual user account is required, the quickest method to do this involves clicking the blue “New User” button at the top right of the Users Application. This will take you to the following new user screen where you can begin entering information for this user. All required fields are indicated by a red star * beside the field.

Required Fields in this first “Basic Information” screen are:

  • Surname
  • Profile

If desired you may also wish to include a photo for a new user. This can be done in the initial process of individual user creation or on an existing account. When editing the new users basic information  you will have a “Change Photo” button that you can click.

Clicking “Change Photo” opens up a FrogDrive window and points to your personal “My Documents” area.

You will then be presented with a file uploader window. You can either drag and drop the photo image file from your local machine into the Drag and Drop area (where the text says “Drag and Drop your files here” or click the choose files button to be presented with a window where you can find and select the file on your local machine. Once you’ve selected an image it should upload and be a progress bar should turn green as in the screenshot below.

Clicking the done button will then show you the file has been uploaded into the FrogDrive area. If you single left click this file you will be shown a preview of the image. Once the image is selected you can then click the use button at the top right of the FrogDrive window to select this image as a profile photo.

The photo will then be displayed in the users’ profile. In order to save this change to an existing user click save at the top right of the window. If you are creating a new user simply follow on from these instructions.


After adding the required information to the basic information area, click on Authentication on the left hand side of the “Users” application.

This area allows you to enter the login information for your new user. For authentication, choose the desired authentication type. 

If you have a server on-site and want your users to login using their standard Active Directory login details then select this option. Select "Frog" if you'd like users to login with a Frog issues username and password. For the username there can be no conflicts with an existing user so it must be unique. If you are authenticating with Active Directory on your school network then obviously the username must match that in AD. If the username is already in use then you will be informed after typing it in the box.

The password needs to be input twice to ensure it has been typed correctly.

You then also have the option to tick the checkbox for "Force user reset on next login". When this is ticked, it means once the user has logged in for the first time, they will be prompted to change their password.

Once you are happy with your entries here, click on “Additional Information” on the left hand side of the users’ application.

Additional Information

Next, click on Authentication on the left hand side of the “Users” application. Here you are able to add any additional information into the available fields. The fields available here are likely to increase as time goes on and new features are implemented. This primarily is an area for information imported from a schools MIS but they can be filled in manually.

Group Membership

You can add users to a group in the Groups & Policies application however you can also add a specific user to a group in the Users application too. On the group membership screen you are able to type in the name of an existing group that has been setup. Once you type in the name of the group (or begin typing the name) some results will show in a dropdown list.

You can then select the group from the dropdown list and the full name will be displayed in the text box. You then can click the add button to select this group.

This selected group will then be shown in the group selection area below the text box. This allows you to then potentially search for more groups to add that user into.


You can choose to add manual relationships for this new account. For example if creating a parent account you may wish to add a student to ensure the correct parents can view the correct children.

In the screenshot below on the Relationships tab for a parent you can see a relationship exists. This may be useful to grant access for that parent to a students timetable or attendance/behaviour information if your school has FrogParent.

By default this area is blank when creating a new user account. To create a relationship you can type in the name of the account you wish to link, into the text field then single left click the user to add them to the selection area below.

The relationship types available are:

  • Parent/Carer of
  • Sibling of
  • Child of

You can then change additional parameters regarding the chosen relationship. Parental Responsibility must be ticked (green) if you are wanting an account to act as a parent for another account. You may require overriding a court order at times as not all court orders issued for accounts restrict access to a child. To do this you can tick "Court Order" which restricts access to the account as indicated by a no entry symbol and the main relationship slider changes to "Off" and it states access is prevented.

To grant access even with a court order applied, tick the "Override Court Order" option and the slider will change back to "On" indicating the user will have access to that childs available data through FrogLearn.

Once you are happy with all of the information entered for this new user, click the blue save button at the top right of this window. This should create the new user account (providing all required fields have been entered) and take you to the completed user account. From here you can then navigate back to your overall user list or click the edit button to make changes to this new user.

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