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As an introduction to the FrogLearn platform it's important to get to grips with some of the basics first, including the top black navigation bar. This navigation bar will always be present within the platform no matter what sites or applications you have open, this will always be present at the top of the window.

At the top left of the black navigation bar you will find a Frog head icon. Clicking this will reveal a dropdown with some options. Different options are available depending on the profile that you are logged in as. In the screenshot below the user is logged in as an administrator account.

  • Help -- Opens the Help application containing a wide variety of information regarding using the different areas of the platform.
  • My Preferences -- Opens a window where users can change personal backgrounds, change passwords (non-AD users), Frog notifications and email notification preferences.
  • System Preferences -- ADMIN ONLY - Opens the System Preferences area containing the majority of admin/setup tools for new users, dashboards, 3rd party systems etc.
  • Log Out -- Logs the currently logged in user out of the platform and takes you to the login screen.

At the top left of the navigation bar is a contextual text indicator that reflects what you are currently looking at within the platform. When you first login to the platform you are viewing your dashboard pages so this indicator will state "Home". When you open sites this will change to "Site" and when you open applications this will change to reflect that particular application.

Beside the contextual indicator is a "Help" indicator. When clicked the help application will open.

The help displayed in this application will be relevant to the area you are within the platform. For example when in the Assignments area and "Help" is clicked the help app will open and take you to the relevant assignment help instructions.

You are able to navigate to other help files by using the left hand panel to select the item in question you wish to learn more about.

The dots towards the centre of the navigation bar are your dashboard selectors. A school can have between 1 and 5 dashboards available per profile (staff/student/admin/parent/other) but these are set by the administrator. Clicking between (or swiping on a mobile device) these selectors will take you to that dashboard. When the circle is highlighted white, you know that dashboard is currently selected.

The dashboard selectors disappear when you are not looking at your Home dashboards (e.g. looking at a site or application).

To the right of the dashboard selectors is the global search box. This will allow users to perform a real time search for resources on the FrogLearn platform. The result shown are only items that you as the logged in user directly have access to.

By clicking inside the global search area users can begin typing the name of what they're searching for. 

Partial terms entered will still display results. It will take a few seconds to display results.

The items in the results list can be accessed/opened by clicking on the resource in the list. The following resource types are displayed but some profiles such as Students cannot search for all of the criteria below:

  • Sites -- Sites that the logged in user is an owner of or has access to.
  • Assignments -- Assignments that the logged in user has set or received that are open.
  • Applications -- Applications within the platform that the logged in user has access to.
  • FrogDrive Files -- Files present in the logged in users "My Documents" area.
  • Calendar Events -- Events the logged in user has access to through the calendar application. 
  • Groups & Policies -- Groups that the logged in user has access to view in the Groups application.
  • Britannica -- Resources available from the Britannica third party service. Please be aware that school need to have purchased a license from this external provider.

Towards the top right of the navigation bar is a selection if icons that represent different actions/areas within the platform.

The first of these is the home button. When clicked, it will take the logged in user back to the dashboards and minimise any applications that are currently open.

This acts as a toggle so when clicked again any applications that were minimised will be maximised. Pressing H on your keyboard will also toggle this button being pressed.

The item to the right of this is the Quick Launch icon. When clicked this will reveal any quick launch items that have been shared with you as the logged in user.

Depending on how your school has decided to set this up, different FrogLearn applications, sites and external links will be available to be clicked.

When these items in the quick launch menu are clicked, the relevant application/tab/window will open accordingly. As an administrator you are able to make changes to the quick launch by adding items for all users. Individuals can also add quick launch items (apps and webpages) for themselves.

The next item available on the top black navigation bar is the FrogDrive icon. The FrogDrive allows you to access your files, sites, applications and other resources. The FrogDrive also allows you to see and access items that have been shared with you.

The different areas of the FrogDrive that are available to you are displayed in the left hand menu. These areas may vary depending on your profile and from which application the FrogDrive was launched from.

The following icon on the navigation bar is the application tray. When selected this tool allows you to quickly navigate between or close any applications or sites that are currently open.

Once clicked providing you have other FrogLearn windows open the following black tray will reveal itself. There will be a record for each of the different applications or sites that are open. Users can have a maximum of 10 windows/apps open at once. In order to bring an application window to the front simply selecting it from the list will bring it to the front for the user and the text will become bold underneath the icon. If a site is open it is the site icon that will be displayed (see screenshot for History site).

Clicking the red cross in the upper right of the icon will close the particular application/window.

The second to right icon is the assignments icon.

When this icon is selected a dropdown will be revealed displaying a quick snapshot of up to 5 assignments that have been set. The assignments that are shown are the 5 with the nearest due dates. The results vary slightly depending on who is logged into the platform.

  • Admin/Staff -- Up to 5 assignments are shown that the logged in user has set. When an assignment is selected from the list the Assignment Manager application will open and display that assignment. A "New Assignment" button is available at the top of this assignments pane then when clicked will open up the window to start creating a new assignment. At the bottom of the pane if the user clicks "Click here to see more" the Assignment Manager application will open on the main screen.
  • Student --  Up to 5 assignments are shown that the logged in user has been set. When an assignment is selected from the list the Assignments application will open and display that assignment itself will open in another window. At the bottom of the pane if the user clicks "Click here to see more" the Assignments application will open on the main screen.
  • Parent -- when this icon is clicked the My Child's Work application will open. At the bottom of the pane if the user clicks "Click here to see more" the My Child's Work application will open on the main screen.

At the top right of the black navigation bar is a notifications icon. when the logged in user has notifications there will be a number inside a red rounded rectangle indicating that number of new notifications.

When this icon is clicked, any available notifications will be displayed in the notifications panel that appears. The notifications are grouped to help keep them organised. When notifications are clicked they will open the relevant application, site or resource. Notifications will remain until the cross is selected to the right of each category to clear notifications for that section.

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