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FrogOs - System Preferences - ​​​​​​​MIS Importer
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In System Preferences you will find the MIS Importer tab that allows you to configure how your users are displayed when they are initially created within Frog. You can outline what username format you would like them to have as well as whether you want to use their legal names or their chosen names from the data within MIS. You can also set what the document permissions are from this page. 

When setting up usernames from within the 'Username Creator' there is a small blue help button (please see image) that outlines how to display usernames in different formats. For a quick overview, in the Student example below, a username for Patrick Wilkinson who started school in 2015 would be 15PWilkinson. Broken down this is:

{{admission_year | format=YY}}{{first_name|limit=1}}{{last_name}}

{{admission_year | format=YY}}-  I want to display the users admission year in a YY format 

{{first_name|limit=1}} - I want the users first name here but limit it to 1 character as I only want their first initial

{{last_name}} - I want to display the users last name next

A great feature of the Username creator is the ability to tick the Autocorrect 'Start Date' for the student profile. In the example in the image, you might know that all students in year 8 started in 2015 so all their usernames would start with 15. However, if someone joined this school year in 2016 and the Autocorrect Start Date wasn't selected, they would have the same username format as year 7's as that's the same year they started. Using the autocorrect feature would change this to match all the other year 8 users.

Display name

From within the Display Name tab in this page, you can select whether you would like to import users into Frog and display their legal name or their chosen name. 

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