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Self Hosted FrogLearn includes a built in backup mechanism that allows you to take a full DR backup of Frog.

The Frog Backup System works as a pushed data synchronisation of user data to a network share. This takes place daily once enabled.

The backups can only be restored by Frog. There is no user way to extract or restore files from the backup and the backups are for Disaster Recovery purposes only.

When the Frog backup is run for the first time it will create the following files and folders:


  • frog.tgz.gpg
  • backup_log


  • sites

This is an encrypted archive file that contains a backup of the Frog database and configuration files.

This folder is a direct synchronisation of the user data folder from the server. This folder contains all user data and files that are contained with in Frog.

This is a basic log file showing the output from the backup script.

For each subsequent run of the backup both the frog.tgz.gpg and backup_log file are refreshed with a new copy from the server and the sites folder is synchronised from server.

The sites folder synchronisation will replicate any changes made to the user data since the previous backup run. This works for both new data and files that have been uploaded to Frog and old data and files that have been removed from Frog.

Data deleted from Frog will also be removed from the backup share on the next run of the Frog Backup.

IMPORTANT: The Frog Backup system offers NO incrementation of data. Backup incrementation must be done as part of the your normal backup archiving and incrementing process or the data will be overwritten.

Frog Backup Configuration

The Frog Backup System is configured in System Preferences within FrogOS under Maintenance > Backup:

To configure the backup system you will need to enable the backup by toggling the switch to ON and providing the following information:

UNC Path
This is the path to the network share that you wish the FrogServer to push the backup files to. This should be in FQDN format eg. //backupserver.myschool.local/frogbackup

Due to an Operating System limitation, the network share must have SMB1 enabled to allow the FrogServer to connect.

This is the username of a network account that has full control and access to the above network share.

This is the password for the above account.

This is the email address where Frog will send the backup report once the backup has completed or encountered any errors.

The backup runs 1 hour after the schedule time set in the Schedule menu of System Preferences > Maintenance and will run daily.

Frog Backup Email Report

Each time the backup runs you will receive an email of either the backup report, or a pre-flight error email showing why the backup could not run.

Email Report

If the backup has run and completed successfully, you will receive an email similar to this:

If the backup has run and completed successfully but with some errors, you will receive an email similar to this:

If you do receive a report with errors, please forward this on to our Support Team so the errors can be investigated.

Pre-Flight Error

The backup will carry out some basic checks before it runs, these are call Pre-Flight checks. If these fail, the server will send an email reporting the Pre-Flight error.

The most common are as follows:

This generally means that the UNC network share path does not exist or is incorrect.

This generally means that the username or password set is not correct or has no permission over the network share.

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