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The Frog page widget allows users to embed content from one page in a site, within another page on a site. This can help save time constructing sites and help to distribute control over specific elements within a site.

A good example of this is having one site containing a number of notice boards then nesting certain noticeboards into different dashboard sites. This way you can provide key staff members access to add notices to noticeboards without granting them overall access to changing all of the dashboard pages. The Frog page widget also is useful for having to update certain information in a number of places if it all leads back to the one source.

When editing a site, click on the "widgets" tab in the left hand content tray. From here drag the Frog page widget onto an editable area on the page.

In order to select a page to embed within this widget click the page icon to the right of the "select a page" area. This will expand a pane, displaying the sites area within FrogDrive.

Navigate to the site in question by accessing the different site areas on the left hand menu. When you've found the site you wish to access to find a page to embed, single left click the site and you will be shown a basic preview of this site. Here you can navigate through the pages to find the page to embed in your site.

Once you've found the page click on the green "Use" button at the top right of the site picker pane. Clicking the "back to site picker" text at the top left of the preview pane returns you to the site selection area. Once you've clicked "Use" the preview pane will close and the name of the site and page selected will be present in the widget "page" settings area and the page selected will be viewable within edit mode in the Frog page widget.

Once the widget is on the page, single left click the widget to be shown the settings for this widget on the left hand side. The 2 settings available are  the ability to select a page and the ability to define a height of this widget. By default the height of the widget is set to "auto" meaning that the Frog page will not have a scroll frame and simply display all of the content on this page. By clicking the height slider the icon will turn red to "Manual" where you are able to change the height of the widget on this page in pixels. 

If the content on the Frog page is greater than the height specified then there will be a scroll bar present when out of edit mode so users can view all of the content.

When exiting edit mode, after clicking the blue "Save Changes" button on the left hand edit tray the selected page along with the chosen height settings will then be shown within this sites page. It is important to remember that when nesting a page from one site into another site that users need access to view both sites (minimum "can view" permissions) or the content will not be displayed.

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