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The booking calendar is an application that schools can use in order to manage rooms or equipment within the school. You may want to use this to book out classrooms or meeting rooms for teachers to ensure your school runs as smoothly as possible. If you look at the image below, the application looks quite simple, however there are many features that make it a powerful application. There is the ability to filter the calendar to certain bookings in the top filter bar. You can view the calendar for whichever day you would like or you can take this further and have an overview of the whole week or month. There is also the ability to view the calendar in a list view to provide another way of looking at your bookings. You can change the way you view the calendar by choosing either Day, Week, Month or list in the top right-hand corner of the window.

On the left-hand side, you will see a small date picker calendar that allows you to go back and forth between months and allows you to select specific days. On the image below, the 10th of April has been selected and because the calendar is set to "Week" view, the calendar displays the week in which that date is situated. You also have the option to ' Go to Date' which allows you to search for a date via a search tool, this come in handy when looking for very old calendar entries. Also featured under the date picker calendar is the "Today" button, which simply selects and displays todays date.

To create a booking item for use in the booking calendar, click the "Add" button located on the left hand side of the application. When making an item, you need to enter an "Item Name", an "Item Description" and the "Item Type". Once this has been done, click "Create Item" and the new item will appear on the left hand side. The image below shows the item creation window and also shows 2 example calendar items.

Now that you have created an item, you are ready to make a new booking. To do this you can either click on the   button in the top left hand corner or you can simply click and hold your mouse and drag it from the start to the end time you require. When creating a booking, you can specify a location, the time you want to make the booking, if you want to repeat the booking and which item you want to book. You can also select whether you want the booking to run all day or not. If you want to repeat a booking, there is the option to have it repeat: Every day, Every Week day, Every Week, Every 2 Week, Every Month or Every Year. Please see below. 

Now this has been added to the booking calendar, nobody else will be able to create a booking for that item if the time they set overlaps. If the booking time needs to be changed, you can simply click and hold your mouse on the booking to drag and drop it to a different time. When you have created multiple items, you can colour code them to make them easily identifiable when looking at the calendar. You can do this by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of each Item and setting the colour. If you look at the image below you can see the item settings as well as the differing colours I have set in this example. 

In this Item menu there are three other options available. The 'booking item settings' - which I will explain further in this article, the 'Display only this  Booking item' - which allows you to filter out other booking items in your calendar and the simple 'Create Booking for this item' option, which provides an alternate method of making a booking.

If you click into the booking item settings, you can edit the name of the item, the description, the item type and you also have the ability to delete this item if you are an admin user. See image below. 

Please note that by default, staff accounts can't perform certain actions on the booking calendar. School admins can control these permissions for staff via their Groups and Policies application.

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