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Discover can be accessed from several widgets within the Frog platform. These include the Media widget, Link to File widget and the External Link widget. Discover can also be accessed when adding media items to a quiz. Discover allows you to search for images and videos to use in your sites and dashboards.

Searching For Content

In the Discover window, in the top central area is a search box.Here you can enter a search term with which to search for.

Beside this to the right is a dropdown menu that allows you to filter between searching for everything, images and videos. After entering a search term click the blue magnifying glass icon to undertake the search. 

The results for your search will then be displayed in three sections. These three sections are sites, videos and images. On the left hand side of this area you can filter down the search more by clicking on images or videos. For example you can click videos to display only video results for your search term and filter down further by showing only YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Hovering over resources expands them out of the page so they can be seen in more detail. Listed here will be the resource name along with the options “Pin It” and “Preview”.

If you click preview or the small preview image or title then a resource specific window appears. This window displays the item in more detail along with the name of the resource and a description.Videos in this location can be watched as the player will be activated.

If you wish to use this resource on your site you can click the pin it blue button to send this to your pin board. You will then see a brief notification of the addition of this resource to your pin board, in the top right corner of your screen inside a black notification box. To come out of the resource preview simply click the small black cross at the top right of the resource.

The Pinboard

The pinboard will always be present when you are viewing Discover. The pinboard essentially allows you to select different resources, send them to this area then when finished searching select which resources to bring into the platform. You can open and close the pinboard at any time when using Discover by clicking the pinboard blue button at the top left of this window.

When you open the pinboard you can see what resources have been added.

In order to approve or decline resources click the edit button which adds a checkbox to the right of each resource and enables three further options:

Clear Selected - If this button is clicked any resources currently with ticks in their checkboxes will be removed from your pinboard.

Clear All - If this button is clicked this will clear your pinboard of all its current contents.Done - This takes you back to the pinboard list without the ability to remove the resources.

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