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Data Viewer/Accessing Form/Poll/Quiz Results
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Within the platform there are widgets that allow you to collect information from users. These are the form, poll and quiz. In order to access these results a user needs to be logged into the platform and must have “Can Edit & Manage” permissions to this site where the widgets are located. All admins will be able to access results in each site. In order to review the data that has been collected by these items you can access the Data Viewer. It is accessed on a site by site basis and also provides you with the ability to export the data collected.

Accessing the Data Viewer

To access the Data Viewer, browse to a site that you wish to review collected data for and then click “Site” at the top left of the black navigation bar then “Data Viewer” from the dropdown menu.

If you have not yet configured a form, poll or quiz widget in this site, or no submissions have been made, the option will still be available but no data will be available in the Data Viewer. If you do not have Edit and Manage access to the site, the option will not be present.

The Data Viewer will now be displayed. The Data Viewer will grant you access to the results of any form, polls or quizzes by clicking on the appropriate selection text on the left hand side.



The tile for each item gives you an overview of the item name and how many submissions there have been for that particular item. Once you have found a form, poll or quiz you wish to view the results for double click into that item.

You will then be shown the results for that particular item. When viewing the data for an individual Poll, the summary area of the view will display:

  • The name of the Poll.
  • How many times people have completed the Poll (total submissions).
  • The number of people the site has been shared with.
  • The date and time of the first submission.
  • The date and time of the most recent submission.
  • An overview of the current Poll results.

The summary area will also display a graph showing the number of submissions per day, week or month. If the Poll has been active for less than 14 days the graph is displayed in days, between 14 and 59 days in weeks and 60 days or over in months.

The data shown will differ slightly depending on whether you are viewing results for a form, poll or a quiz. In the example poll screenshot you can see that key information such as username, name, the date and time of the submission and the response is present.


Exporting Results

All this information can be exported outside of Frog to a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. To do this, click the cog towards the top right of the window when viewing results for an item, then from the dropdown click on “Export”.

Your internet browser will then download the results to a file on your local machine. When you open these results they will open in Excel similar to the following screenshot with all of the details present for the selected item you chose to export.


 Data 1.JPG (36.12 KB)
 Data2.jpg (27.47 KB)
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