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FrogLearn - Frog GroupCall Extractor and Process
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Groupcall XporterOnDemand (XOD) User Guide

Thank you for confirming you wish to make use of Frog’s integration with Groupcall, in order to populate your Frog platform with data. We should already have created a Support ticket with you to start this process, if you haven’t already had a support ticket raised for this, please email

Step 1 – Accepting our disclaimer The first thing we will need you to do, before we kick things off, is to accept our disclaimer. We will send this to you via the Support ticket, but it will be something along the lines of:

“For the MIS Integration we'll need you to accept a disclaimer before we can proceed. Please read the following and then respond to the email in order to accept. Once you have done that, I will be able to send over a link to setup the GroupCall XOD extractor.

During conversations with Frog you expressed that you would require an MIS integration for FrogLearn.

The first step, prior to being provided with the extractor and instructions, is to accept the following disclaimer with relation to information transfer from the MIS into FrogLearn:

“I understand and accept that there may be data issues in the way the data is exported from the MIS and imported into FrogLearn. Should any issues arise I will contact the Frog Service Desk to report the matter. However, understand that some of these issues may require in depth investigation and that an immediate resolution may not always be possible. In certain instances, database work will be carried out to fix issues – this carries with it a level of risk and backups are taken to mitigate this – as a result, downtime is required whilst the database is locked to take the backup. I understand that this will be the case and that the work to resolve this cannot continue until we are confident a disaster recovery plan is in place."

It is important to note that any database work that is required is only related to the FrogLearn platform and in no way impacts the MIS. Frog is not able to make any changes to the MIS, so you don't need to worry about that.

If you could confirm by responding to this email whether you accept the disclaimer I can then provide next steps with the extractor installation.”

Once you have replied to the support ticket accepting this disclaimer, we can move forward to the next step, which is to register for Groupcall’s ‘XporterOnDemand’ (XOD).

Step 2 – Registering for XporterOnDemand

XporterOnDemand is a free tool from Groupcall, that we use to bridge the gap between our Frog extractor, and your MIS. It will allow you to control what data we can access, and lets you see exactly what information we are requesting for you to share with your Frog platform.

To register your school with the XOD service, we will ‘Invite’ you to register for and install Groupcall’s XporterOnDemand. This may take a couple of days, as someone from Groupcall will get in touch with you directly to set you up with XporterOnDemand.

Once they have done that, they should also set you up with a username and password – which you should receive an email from them with. The username will look something like ‘ESTAB-1234567’ (the number being your school’s DFE number). The password will actually be a link that you need to click to generate the password – so if you click that, make sure to keep a note of this, as you will need these for the next step.

Step 3 – Approving Frog’s access to data

Once Groupcall have been in touch with you and you have got your username and password, you are ready to authorise Frog’s access to XOD. This in effect will give us access to your MIS data once we have installed our extractor (which is the final step.)

To approve Frog’s access to your XporterOnDemand, you need to follow this link:

You then need to click the Green button that says “Click Here to Provide Consent”:

On the next screen, just enter your newly created XOD username:

Then on the next screen, enter your XOD password and then click on ‘Login’. Groupcall will then show you a summary of the data that Frog is requesting:

You should see a link on here to Frog’s Data Sharing Agreement. Now you need to tick the consent boxes to confirm that you agree to share data with Frog. To inform Frog that you agree to share the data, click on the ‘Accept’ button.

Clicking accept will securely send a secret key to Frog, allowing us to access the data that is laid out on the Data Sharing Consent page.

Alternatively, for schools who did already have Groupcall, you have now given Frog access to your Groupcall Xporter.

Step 4 – Installing the Frog extractor (Final Step)

Now that you have Groupcall’s XOD set up, and you have authorised Frog to access your MIS data from it, we need to install our Frog Extractor to physically pull the data from it. We will go through this with you via the Support ticket – and we may actually install the Frog Extractor internally first (on one of our machines) to make sure it can access the data without any issues. Make sure to let Frog know once you have finished step 3, so we can finish the process as swiftly as possible.


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