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What is FrogPlay?

FrogPlay is an application that provides free content and additional functionalities to give you an enhanced quiz experience:

  • Quiz selection -  You can now choose quizzes to complete from a bank of ready-made quizzes.
  • Games You can play exciting games between questions to learn in a fun way.
  • Advanced analytics - Enhanced performance measurement, including the recording of your answers on a question level, and a comparison of student performance over time.

Accessing FrogPlay

1. To access FrogPlay, click on the Quick Launch icon on your Frog bar.

2. Click on the FrogPlay icon.


When a student launches FrogPlay, they enter the Student Room. The Student Room is a customisable home page - it is a reward-based interface where the level of customisation is dependent on how much work a student completes. Clicking on the different items in the Student Room allows students to access different features. 


1. Click on the paintbrush to customise the wallpaper.

2. Choose a wallpaper colour. 

3. The system automatically saves your selection. 


Clicking on the Picture Frame on the desk takes students to the My Profile section. Students can create their avatar and ‘shop’ for new items with the credits earned through My Revision to customise their avatar here.

Your Avatar represents you on the Leaderboards and in some games. The more work you complete, the more credits you earn and these can be used to improve your character.

Upon clicking on Profile, you will be able to customise your avatar according to the subcategories below:


Parts for your avatar are redeemed or ‘purchased’ using credits. The total credits you currently hold will be displayed on the top right corner of your profile and they are earned through taking quizzes. To help you get started, you have 600 credits to spend by default. 

Editing Your Avatar

To customise your avatar, you can choose different parts, which can be further customised according to colours and skins.

Selecting an Avatar Part

1. Click on the drop down menu in the top right. 

2. Click on the category you would like to view (e.g. Accessories)

3. Click on an avatar part to try it on. The cost of each part is shown with a orange marker. Parts with no orange markers cost nothing to use.

4. To move or position the avatar part you have just added around, use the Nudge buttons below your Avatar.

5. If the part you have selected needs to be ‘purchased’ using your points, you will see the cost of the part above your avatar:

6. Click on ‘Add to Basket’ if you are sure you would like to ‘purchase’ this part. This would automatically add to your shopping cart.

7. Once you are satisfied with your avatar, click on Save to proceed.

8. If the part you have selected needs to be ‘purchased’ using your points, a pop-up of your shopping list will appear.

9. To remove an item from the list, click on the top right red "X" on the item.

10. To remove all items from the list, click "Empty Basket". 

11. If you are would like to confirm your shopping list and complete your ‘purchase’, click 
on "Buy all items and save".

12. Once the items have been successfully added, a message will appear saying "Avatar saved".

Changing the Avatar Skin Colour

1. Clicking on "Skin Color" on the top left of your page.

2. This will bring up a colour palette in the middle of your page. Hover over the palette to show the different colors available and click on the colour you want with the magnifying glass.

3. This will change the colour of the feature you had chosen. 
Note: if the avatar displays no change in colour, this means that feature is not editable.

4. Save your changes by clicking on "Save"

Randomise Avatar Parts

To create an avatar made out of random parts selected by the system, click the "Randomise Avatar" button.

Downloading Your Avatar

1. Click the "Camera" icon"
2. Choose between including the background in your image by selecting one of the options: 
a) To save your avatar with your background click on "With Background".
b)To save your avatar without a background click on "No Background". 
3. This will then start a download of a picture of your Avatar.


The avatar builder allows you to not only customise your own character, you can also choose to buy a Pet to earn you additional games and treats.

Choosing Your Pet

1. From the drop down menu, select ‘Pets’.
2. Select a Pet you want to purchase. Note: All pets cost 2500 credits.

3. Once you have chosen your pet, click ADD TO BASKET to prepare it for purchase.
4. Open the basket and click "Buy all items and save" to purchase your pet and save it to your Avatar.

Note: If you do not wish to purchase an item, click the ‘X’ to remove all items you have selected. This will deduct the amount the items cost from the credits you have.

Pet Features

1. The 2 main changes in the Student room you receive after purchasing a pet are the following:

a. Your pet is now displayed in the picture on the "Picture Frame".

b. There is a Pet Happiness Meter. (this is displayed in the top right)

Note: You can make your pet happier by logging in every day and playing the pet games.

Pet Games

Click on the Pets Category when choosing a game. This will show all of the pet games. Note: You can only play the pet games once you have purchased a pet. 

Once the game is selected, the exercise will begin.

2. Work your way through the exercise to play the game by answering the questions.

Note: You may need to purchase these games using credits as they are not automatically unlocked once you have purchased a pet. 


The Achievements section allows students to view their achievements and keep track of their revision goals. To access Achievements, click the book on the windowsill.

Viewing Your Achievements

Each category of games have sets of achievements.

1. Select the game category (on the left) and you will see the Achievements available to earn.

2. For each game you will see the percentage of Achievements you have earned in the top right corner.

3. If you have not yet earned an Achievement you will see your progress towards them indicated as a green bar.

Revision Goals

These are a set of achievements not related to games. Students can view their revision
achievements by clicking on the category.

There are Score based, Time based, Date based, and occasionally, Unique challenges to be completed.

These achievements can be earned for time spent, which subjects you have completed, various special days you have logged in on, creating your avatar etc.


Here students can check how well they are doing in each revision exercise taken. Click on the bar chart to access your performance reports.

On the Reports homepage you can view your total time spent on revision and the average score of all your exercises taken for each subject.

Overall Stats

The overall stats displays a summary of your performance for every subject. To view your stats for each subject, click on the Subject on the Reports homepage.

View Reports

Under each subject, you will then be able to view a list of topics you have attempted for that subject.

Within the Subject Reports, you can further sort your reports by:

  • Year / Topic: Select the Year and Topic from the upper left corner and click "Apply".
  • Maximum / Average / Latest / Duration

  • To sort your reports by your highest maximum scores, click on MAX. 
  • To sort your reports by your highest average scores, click on AVG. 
  • To sort your reports by your highest score in your latest attempt, click on LAST.
  • To sort your reports by the highest duration of time spent on an exercise, click on TIME.

In this section, you can also choose to retake an exercise by clicking on "Retake" next to each exercise stat.

Exercise Progress

Clicking on the name of the topic will take you to more detailed statistics.

On this page, you will see: 

  • Exercise Progress that shows your exercise scores (%) by month. 
  • Last 5 Attempts shows the date, time taken to complete the quiz and quiz score for the last 5 times that you have taken the quiz. Clicking on an attempt will take you to more details about the attempt:

  • Questions Incorrectly Answered shows you all the questions you answered repeatedly incorrect within that quiz (if you answered a question wrongly more than once). The numbers in the red boxes show the number of times you got the answer wrong. Click on the question to view the correct answer:


Here students can access quizzes and choose what they wish to take. From the Student Room, click on the Computer to access Quizzes. 

Selecting an Exercise

To start an exercise,

1. Select the Phase.

2. Select which Subject you wish to attempt by clicking on the image of the subject.

3. Select the exercise you wish to take from the list that displays.

Note: Any exercises previously taken will display your previous score and an indication of Red, Amber or Green.

  • Red means you need to practice more.
  • Amber means you have room for improvement.
  • Green means you are doing well.

Selecting an Exercise Mode/Game

Once the exercise is selected you will then need to choose the game you wish to play.

To choose the game:

1. Click on the different categories on the left of the page to choose the type of game you want to play.

2. When the type of game is selected, click on the game you would like to play.

Note: There are 2 different types of game modes:

  • Quick Fire: Choose this option when you want to complete your task without playing any games. This is for students who want to study in exam mode.
  • Games: This option allows you to complete your task with the added feature of playing interactive games in between your task. You can choose different games you have unlocked to play while completing your exercise.

To help you choose your games, you can:

  • Click on "Favourites" to access games that you have played in the past to find games that you like.

  • Click on "Trending" to view the results look for the most popular games (played by
    other users) in Malaysia.

  • Click on "Latest" to view the newest games on FrogPlay.

  • Search for the name of a game in the search box. Once you have typed in the game you
    are looking for in the search bar, the results will show up under the box.

3. Depending on which game you have selected it may have a padlock symbol to show
you need to unlock it. To do this, select a game that has a padlock displayed. It will display
a description and an Unlock Game button. Click the Unlock Game button if you have
sufficient credits to unlock the game.

Note: Before spending your points to unlock a game, you can see how many credits you
have on the top right of your screen

4. Once you have successfully unlocked the game, you will automatically be redirected to
your new game to start your exercise.

Once you have unlocked a game, the game will remain unlocked for you so you can use the
same game for your other exercises. This also gives you the chance to unlock and try out
different games!

Attempting the Exercise

1. Once game has been selected, the exercise will start. You will be shown any
instructions at the beginning of the game to explain what to do. To get started, click on "Start"

2. There are a range of different questions types. When the question is displayed, choose
an answer you think is correct and click ‘check answer’. It will tell you if the answer is
correct or incorrect.

Note: If your answer is incorrect, you can find out what the correct answer is by
clicking ‘Answers’ at the bottom of the screen

3. After answering several questions you will be able to play the game. The screen will
show the game you chose to play. Depending on your answers, the exercise will
determine how hard or easy the game will be. Answering the questions correctly will
increase your chance of a good score in the game or a longer duration to play the game.

4. After the short game you will receive additional questions. Keep going until you
complete the entire quiz. It will display your results in the game (for a chance to appear
on the Leaderboards) and your academic performance.

Note: If you do not like the game you have chosen, click ’Exit’ and you can either choose to
exit the exercise (not recommended) or to continue the exercise in Quickfire mode to
ensure your scores are protected.

5. Once you have completed the quiz click "Finish" and you will see your results depending on how you answered the questions. You will see a number of boxes for each questions and if you got the answer correct it will show a green box or if you answered the question incorrectly a red box will be displayed. 

6. You can click any of the question boxes to retry that question which will help improve your score. Once you are happy with your attempt click "Exit" and you will be presented with an achievement screen which will show you the achievements you have earned and the credits that you have earned. 

Viewing Your Exercise Results

1. After completing the exercise, it will take you to Reports to show your results. From
here you can see the following:

  •  When you attempted the exercise
  •  How long it took to complete
  •  Your academic score
  •  Your correct and incorrect answers
  •  How many questions not viewed

2. You can also retake the exercise.

3. You can click on any of the questions to see the correct answer. This will help you
improve in future tries which will help you gain more credits for unlocking new games
and features.


Buddies in FrogPlay are people that you know that you may wish to compete against (in multiplayer games or in a mini version of a Champions League). Buddies are not like ‘friending’ on social network sites. Your Buddies have to be people you really know as you both have to enter your buddy codes for it to link you. 

To access your Buddies from the Student Room, click the pictures on the wall on your desk.

Adding a Buddy

1. Select "+ add a new buddy". You can be Buddies with other students or any of your teachers.

2. You will then be shown your own special code to tell your friend and be asked to type 
in the one your friend gives you. Though they don’t have to be typed in at exactly the same time, they should be entered reasonably close together to avoid them timing out.

3. When you have entered your friend’s code, click "Add Buddy". The link is now made
and you will both receive a notification to say you are linked as Buddies.

Note : The Buddy system is very secure as both sides of the code must be entered to
create the link. If only one person enters the code or if one person shares someone
else’s code with others, there is no link formed. Think of it like Bluetooth pairing – both
sides must perform an action to make a link. If one person removes a buddy, the link is
lost but no messages are sent to inform the other person.

Sharing with Your Buddy

When you have a buddy you have different ways to share interactions. The most common ways is to ‘Tell Your Buddies’ at the end of a game.

Whenever you complete any game and set a score/make progress towards an achievement you will have the option to ‘Tell your buddies’.

Click the"Tell your buddies" button to send them a notification to tell them how well you are doing to try to inspire some friendly competition.

You can see the stream of notifications between you and any of your buddies in the Buddies

Simply click on one of your Buddies names to see the updates they have sent you.

Note: Click on your own name and you will see ALL of the notifications stream for your own
use in the system so far.

You can also interact with your Buddies via the Leaderboard. When you have Buddies, you can filter to show either just your school OR just your buddies.

This means you can have a private league table for just your group of friends to see who is the best gamer amongst you!

Removing Your Buddy

1. Removing a buddy simply removes the link between your
account and theirs. This means you will no longer see each
other’s updates.

2. Click on the buddy you wish to remove and it will highlight
them in orange.

3. A small trash can icon will appear. Click on this icon.

4. You will be asked to confirm the removal of the Buddy link.
Click the Remove (Buddy’s Name) button.

Note: Removing your buddy will not send a notification to the buddy, so that they won’t
know that you removed them.

Revision Time

The clock at the top (next to your credits) in the student room shows you the total time you’ve spent revising in FrogPlay.


Students can view the current highest scores within their school, their class or nationwide and find out how they compare.

Clicking on the Leaderboards/Champions League poster from your student homepage lets you access the leaderboard. Your leaderboard is a scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leading competitors in Play nationwide. Students can increase their points and go up on the scoreboard by playing games on Play.

Clicking on ‘Leaderboards’ on the FrogPlay menu bar also takes you to the Leaderboards page. This area shows a ranking of students within your school according to the points they earned from completing

For each student, you can view:

  • Student name
  • Number of points earned
  • Student’s avatar
  • Ranking on the leaderboard
  • The leaderboard can be filtered to rank students according to the games played when
    completing quizzes.

1. Click on Filter Leaderboards on the left side of the screen.
2. Select a Leaderboard from the drop-down list.

3. After selecting a game, you will have the option to select from three leaderboards - Global,
My School, or My Buddies.

4. After selecting your Leaderboard, you can further filter by Group - My Year or My Class.

You can also filter the leaderboard to show users (s) rankings for a specific game by selecting the "Choose Game" option on the right. 

You will be then presented with a page where you can choose a game from the list. Please note that you will only be able to select games that you have unlocked. 

Learning Style Indicator

Students can complete a short multiple choice quiz which will help teachers determine the student's preferred learning style. 

Clicking on the Vacuum Cleaner from your student homepage lets you access the Learning Style Indicator report.

1. In order to start the survey click the "Get Started" button.

2. You will be asked a series of questions which there is no wrong or right answer. You should answer these questions as honestly as possible in order for the results to identify your learning style. 

3. Once you have completed all of the questions you will be presented with your learning style which has been determined by how you answered the questions. 


Students can message teachers to ask them questions about assignments that have been set and about there lesson inside of FrogPlay.

Clicking on the Mobile phone on the desk from your student homepage lets you access the messages in Frog. 

1. Clicking on the phone will open the main screen where you can;

  • View Messages 
  • Send a message
  • View FrogPlay News
  • Visit our Blog

Viewing & Sending Messages

1. Click the "Messages" icon to open your sent and received messages in Frog. 

2. If you have no messages you can send a message by clicking the "Send Message" button on the home screen.

3. First you will need to select a teacher to send your message to, you can do this by clicking the "Select Teacher" button. 

4. Select your teacher from the list, and you will then be able enter your message details. Once complete click the "Send Message" button which will send your message directly to the Teacher. 

5. To Exit the messages click the "Power" button on the right. 

Assigned Quizzes

Students can access there assignments inside of FrogPlay.

Clicking on the Calendar above the desk from your student homepage lets you access your Assignments that have been assigned by your teacher(s) in Frog. 

1. Upon clicking the Calendar icon you will be brought to a list of your assignments that can be completed within FrogPlay. 

2. In order to start the assignment select the assignment that you want to complete from the list which will then open the assignment. To get started click "Start "Quiz" or alternatively you can click the "Watch Lesson" before starting the quiz.

Note: Depending on how the teacher has assigned the assignment you may or may not be able to select a game.

3. Once you have completed the assignment click "Finish" and then "Hand In" if you are happy with your answers and you will be redirected back to the assignments screen which will show you your score.

Unlock Codes

Unlock codes are 5 digit numbers, entered into the drawer panel in the student room.

These codes usually unlock new Avatar Items, but also can be used to add things to the room, give unique rewards or credits to students.

The 4 below unlock codes will unlock costumes for students Avatars which you can provide to students as incentives to use FrogPlay.

The Cyclops – 71958

The Tiki Monster – 01090

The Tree Man – 10121

The Yeti – 29553

The 4 below codes will unlock pets for students Avatars which you can provide to students as an incentive to revise using FrogPlay. (Note: Only one code can be used)

For the Beagle use code - 19001

For the Malayan Tapir use code - 19002

For the Bald Eagle use code - 19003

For the Caracal use code - 19004

If you would like more unlock codes to provide to your students please contact our Service Desk Team and they will provide a list of unlock codes

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