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MIS Integration - Changing MIS Process
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If you are changing your MIS system at your school there are several things that need to happen to help reduce the amount of work that you will need to do within Frog to reflect these changes.

At this point, check with the Frog Service Desk to ensure that your new MIS system is supported and what extractors (if any) are available.

Assuming that your new MIS system is supported by Frog then please read the following:

1. Check with the Frog Service Desk what information can be exported from your new MIS system - Not all MIS systems can export all of the data Frog needs in the correct format, so it is possible that you may find that you can no longer export all of the data that you previously could. In contrast, you may find that you have the ability to export more data with the new MIS system than you could before.

2. Stop any imports from the Extractor - Disable any scheduled tasks through the previously installed extractor.

3. Stop any imports from within Frog - Within the platform under System Preferences as an administrator, under MIS Importer --> Schedule, deselect all days that have currently been selected to prevent Frog trying to import an XML file containing MIS data.

4. Check if LEA or School codes are changing - Notify the Frog Service Desk if you are changing your school or LEA code.

5. Contact Frog Service Desk - Contact the Frog Service Desk stating that you have carried out the above steps.

At this point the Frog Service Desk will take ownership of this issue and advise you of the next steps needed.

The process varies depending on which MIS system you are moving to and from but primarily the following steps are undertaken:

1. If an extractor is available we will install this via a remote session with you and perform an export of MIS data to get the XML file. We won't import this data at this point in time.

2. We will look at how the data has changed and if it is possible to convert your existing user data to match whatever now gets extracted.

3. We will put together a process of database changes and will test this on a backup copy of your platform.

4. We will backup your live Frog platform and run any changes that are needed.

5. If for any reason the process fails, a restore of the backup may be needed, which could mean that your platform is unavailable for several hours.

6. We will finish by asking you to check the results of the imported users and confirm if you believe this data to be correct.

Please note: This process can take a little while to complete, and that there may be times when we need to request that we do work that may prevent access to your platform. We will also need your permission to take an encrypted copy of your platform for our test environment, and to do a backup before we make any changes - both of which may require downtime. Also, there is almost always some manual work that needs to be done by each school, this is usually the deletion of duplicate parent accounts, and manually moving the MIS link between duplicated teacher and staff accounts (this varies depending upon each schools individual circumstances).

If you have parents that use the VLE then you may have to resend out new usernames / passwords after the work, and if any parents use the VLE to store work or build pages you would need to manually move the MIS links from duplicate accounts back to the original ones.

Please note that once we have started the process you should not do any extracts to Frog or run any imports or force imports without consulting with the Frog Service Desk first as this could cause damage to your user data in Frog.

If you need any further information regarding the process of moving MIS systems and your Frog integration please contact the Frog Service Desk at servicedesk@frogeducation or by calling 01422 395 939.

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