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FrogProgress - How to Capture Evidence and Set Judgements
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FrogProgress is a mobile application that allows users to capture evidence (photos, videos or audio clips) alongside setting judgements for students based on their progress.

The FrogProgress mobile application integrates with both FrogLearn & FrogProgress schools and also standalone instances of Progress.


VERSION NO: v2.0.0

The app allows you to:

  • Capture evidence (audio/media/video) and upload it to your student trackers for one or multiple students.
  • Set Judgements for your students based on their performance.
  • Update Exemplar standard materials.

It is currently available for download for apple mobile devices by clicking the following link:

PLEASE NOTE: The mobile application updates over time so screenshots vary slightly when explaining functionality. It is also possible that some features may differ between versions of the application.

IMPORTANT: Media (photos/videos/audio) taken through this application is NOT stored on the device itself.

Accessing FrogProgress Mobile App

The first step is to open the FrogProgress mobile application and enter your FrogProgress platform URL.

Once you've entered the URL for your platform click the blue "next" button to continue to the login screen. You will then be asked to enter your login credentials for Frog. After entering your username and password click the blue "login" button to continue.

Once you've logged in succesfully you will be prompted with the following screen. Clicking "cancel" will return you to the login screen and clicking the blue "allow" button will log you into FrogProgress.

When you are logged into the FrogProgress mobile application your name will be displayed at the top of the application, welcoming you. Clicking the Frog head at the top left or the cog at the top right will reveal the following options.

Clicking the green "help" button will take you to a help page where you can find some useful information on how to use the app.

Clicking the red "logout" button will simply log you out of the FrogProgress app and take you back to the login screen.

Capturing Evidence

Once you are logged into the application you will see two options at the bottom of the application:

In order to capture evidence of a students work click the "Capture Evidence" button. You will then taken to the tracker selection screen.

Selecting a Tracker

By default you will be viewing "My Trackers" which will display any trackers you have setup through the desktop version of the Student Tracker application. You are able to click on "All Trackers" to view all trackers that you have access to that have been setup in the school.

Click on the tracker you wish to use and you will be presented with a list of learning objectives and KPIs.

Selecting Objectives

You can then select either one or multiple objectives that you wish to capture evidence for by selecting the tick icon. When it turns green you know that objective is selected. Please note that you are able to navigate back and forward through different assessment cycles by selecting the year group that is greyed out on the left and right of the central year selected. If you try to select objectives from multiple years the app will warn you that doing so will deselect the other selections not on the currently selected year.

Selecting Students

Clicking on the Students tab will present you with a list of students in that tracker; at this point you can choose to either capture evidence or set a judgement for an individual student or for multiple students. If you select one student by tapping their name you will be presented with the following 3 options beneath the student.

If you select one or more students by checking the green tick box beside the students names then these 3 options will be moved to the bottom of the app under the student list.

Please Note: if multi-selecting students then any evidence captured, note taken or judgement set will appear against all students who have been checked.

You can then choose on of the 3 options available, these are:

  • Capturing Evidence

  • Adding Notes

  • Setting Judgements

Capturing Evidence

The first of these options available is capturing evidence. By clicking theicon you will be taken to the evidence capture screen where you can utilise your camera and microphone accordingly.

By default you will be using the camera on the back of your device and be able to take photographs of student work as evidence. You are able to swap between taking photos, videos and audio clips by clicking the media icon at the bottom right of the app then selecting the media type you wish to capture by selecting the appropriate icon.

At the top right of the application are 2 icons. The camera icon containing rotating arrows means that you can swap between using the front and back cameras on the device.

The folder icon to the right of this allows you to select media that is already present on your device. When selected you will be shown the photos area on your device where you can find and select media to upload as evidence.

After you've captured media you'll see a small thumbnail preview at the bottom left of the application. Tapping this will allow you to view all captured media.

When previewing captured media you can swipe between the different items and with photos can edit them by adding stickers etc. To do this click the pencil icon at the top right of the application.

To delete the media item click the dustbin icon at the bottom left of the application and to return to capture more media click the cross icon at the top left of the application.

Once you are happy with the captured media click "Done" at the bottom right of the application. This will return you back to the student selection area but you will now see thumbnail previews of the captured media.

If you just wish to upload this evidence without any notes or changing the assessment status for students then click the green upload button at the very bottom of the application.

Adding Notes

By clicking the following icon you are able to add notes for a student/students against an objective (or multiple). By tapping this icon you are presented with the following screen where you can type in your supporting note that will be added as a text file to the platform.

Once you're happy with your note, tap the checkbox icon at the top right of the application to save the changes. To come back out of the note click the cross at the top left of this window.

Above is a screenshot example of captured evidence alongside a note (second icon from the left). From here you can continue adding evidence or notes or choose to set a judgement against objectives.

Setting Judgements

The third option available with students and objectives selected is the ability to set judgements for your selections. By clicking the icon. This simply reveals a screen where you can select a judgement. The options available are based on those setup for your school by the administrator but are likely to be similar to the below.

By selecting an option the central area will be filled in so you know it has been selected. The judgement made will be set for this assessment period only. After selecting a judgement you will be returned to the student screen and will see all selected students will now have that coloured circle beside their name.

Saving Captured Evidence, Notes & Judgements

In order to upload any evidence, add any notes and set any judgements, you must then click the following upload icon to confirm/save these changes. Without doing this your changes will not be saved.

You will know when the process is complete after clicking this button when you see the green tick on the screen indicating it has been successful.

When viewing the student tracker on the full FrogProgress platform you will then be able to view any uploaded evidence, notes and judgements accordingly.

Single left clicking the evidence file will allow you add additional notes, download the file (and more actions by clicking the cog icon) and if it's an image you will be shown a preview of the file. You can also view the date, time and user who uploaded the file.

Updating Exemplar Standards

When viewing the welcome screen for the FrogProgress application you will see the following options at the bottom of the app. When updating exemplar standards it is important to remember there are two parts to this. The first is capturing the evidence and the second is approving it.

Capturing Exemplar Standards

In order to update exemplar materials, click the "update exemplar materials" option. This will present you with a list of all available trackers on your schools platform.

Tap a tracker to be taken to the learning objectives screen. Here you will be able to see all learning objectives relevant to this tracker with any KPI's clearly indicated by the green indicator on the right had side. To view just KPI's click the "KPI's" header on the upper right hand side.

To upload exemplar standards simply tap a learning objective from the list to reveal the capture evidence button.

Clicking the capture evidence button will then allow you to take photos/videos and audio. For full instructions on this please view the earlier section titled "capturing evidence". Once you've captured your evidence you can tap the thumbnail at the bottom left of the app which will show a preview of the latest evidence item captured. From here you can cycle through the captured media and delete or edit as necessary.

Once you're happy with your evidence you've taken click the "Done" button at the top left (or bottom right if the thumbnail was tapped to view the media) of the app to return to the learning objectives screen. Here you will see any captured evidence below the relevant learning objective you selected.

When you have captured the exemplar standards for one or more objectives, click the green upload button at the bottom of the objectives list. This will upload the media to the platform and confirm it has been succesful with a green tick.

Approving Exemplar Standards

Within the FrogLearn platform, as an administrator you then need to approve the uploaded evidence whether it has been uploaded by yourself or other users.

Please Note: Exemplar standards may have been uploaded by staff members but they will not be visible to users within the learning locker until they have been approved.

Firstly, access the Curriculum Manager application and navigate into the desired curriculum. When viewing the curriculum, you will be viewing a list of learning objectives. Find the learning objective you wish to approve evidence for then click on the "learning locker" option at the right hand side.

When the learning locker opens, click the blue "Exemplar Standard Materials" header and any captured media will be displayed below. Here you are able to click the plus icon to upload more files if desired. In the screenshot below you can tell the file ahs not been approved as there is no tick beside it.

If you single left click the name of the file you will be presented with a preview window for that file. This preview will inform you of the date and user who has uploaded the file.

At the bottom right of this window is an "approve example" blue button. Once clicked it will approve the exemplar standard materials and return you back to the learning locker for that objective. At the top right of your platform you should be able to see the following notification appear for a few seconds.

In the learning locker, approved materials will now have a tick (see screenshot) beside them, meaning that all other users (admin and staff) will now be able to view this file when they access the learning locker for a learning objective.

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