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Notifications – Guide

The below guide will need to be repeated for each user as they all have their own individual “My Preferences” configured within the Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
1) Open your school’s Frog (VLE) on a desktop PC or laptop and log-in using your Frog Username and password.

2) Select your initials in the top right hand corner, which should reveal a drop-down menu, and select “My Preferences”.

3) A new window will be presented, if you then select the “Notifications” tab on the left hand column. In here you can control which specific notifications that you wish to receive when logging into the school’s Frog VLE by switching these on/off using the switches in the “Frog Notifications” column.

4) If you want to receive notifications for Frog without having to log-in to your school’s Frog VLE you can turn on E-mail notifications. In order to do this you can select the “E-mail Addresses” tab from the left hand column, and entering your E-mail address that you would like to receive notifications on into the presented text box and select “Add”. (You can also add multiple E-mail addresses by repeating this step)

5) You should then receive a verification E-mail shortly after to the mailbox account that you have added like the one below in the example screenshot. If you click the highlighted “*here*” hyperlink to verify your account or copy and paste the URL provided in the E-mail into your web browser. You will then start to receive Frog notifications via E-mail.

6) If you return to step three in these instructions, from here you can switch on/off which notifications that you want to receive via E-mail, by using the switches under the column “Email Notifications”.
Notification Types

Notification Types

The table below shows the rules behind the “Notifications” section within the “My Preferences” section when a user is logged into the schools Frog (VLE) Virtual Learning Environment.

Notification Type

A notification will be received when


A Student has been assigned an “Assignment” from a teacher.


Invited to an “Event” on the calendar application.


A Teacher has left “feedback” on an assignment.


A form has been submitted.


A post has been submitted on a Forum.

Frog Update

There are any Frog updates/releases.


*This is no longer used within FrogLearn and can be disabled.*

Like Added

A “Like” has been submitted.


*This should be disabled as it is relating to MIS imports etc.*

My Child’s Work

The parent’s child has handed in an assignment.

My Preferences

Changes are made in “My Preferences”.


A submission on a “Poll” widget has been placed.

Quick Launch

Changes are made to the quick launch by adding/removing a shortcut to a site or application.


A site, file, or post has been shared.


A new post has been added to a user’s timeline.


A post has been added to the “Wall” widget.


Changes have been made to an ePortfolio.

Troubleshooting E-mail Notifications in Frog

1) If you are not receiving E-mail notifications from Frog, make sure to check in the user’s mailbox junk folder as your mailbox may filter these E-mails into the spam/junk folder.

2) Your school may need to configure the E-mail notifications, to do this log-in to your schools Frog VLE using an Admin profile, select the accounts initials in the top right hand corner and select “System Preferences”. In here if you select “Notifications” from the list on the left which you should be presented with a screen like the screenshot below;

3) In here if the “” is greyed out and not in this text box, type this Email manually into the text box, and select it from the drop down list which should then highlight the box in yellow; and select the “Update” button.

4) If your Frog server is unable to send out E-mail’s directly, your school may need an E-mail relay server configured in the “System Preferences” which can be found under the “Email” option from the list on the left.

5) If you are still having issues with not receiving these E-mail notifications please contact our Frog Support Team and they will investigate the issue further

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