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Frog Parent Manager & widgets
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Frog Parent Manager & widgets:

When you drag and drop this widget on a site as an administrator you will be allowed to see 

Registration attendance in four different views.

Trend: this view will display the attendance in a percentage format with each date being displayed.

Summary: This view will display in a pie chart format which indicates if the attendance is recorded.

Summary (Breakdown) This view will display in a pie chart format, but this time is detail for example if any appointments are recorded.

Detail: This view will simply display a weekly recorded attendance with codes

The widget is for displaying the attendance in a summarised manner below is an example 

There is no configuration required for this widget. Below is an example of the MIS data that will be available through the Attainment widget:

You need to configure columns by going into edit mode. once configured it will display all the attainment results 

No configuration is needed to display the content

An example of the MIS data that will be seen when using the Behaviour Summary and Behaviour Tools widget.

In edit mode, you will have the option to show selective behavior type, display teacher name.

SIMS Linked documents in FrogParent:

For schools who have purchased FrogParent MIS linked documents widget is available to display various documents

To configure MIS documents within FrogLearn several steps need to be completed by the administrator

First of all, you need to configure in system preferences to determine which profiles have permission to view various document categories

Ask Frog Service Desk to enable MIS documents for their side

A grey tick indicates that the user profile will not have permission to see documents of this

A green tick indicates that the user profile will have permission to see documents of this type

Parents, on the other hand, require few settings to be set in user management application

As they need to be set as a  parent/carer of the child, they must have parental responsibility flag enabled, they should not have court order flagged. All these rules apply to all FrogParent widgets as well.

How to Run MIS documents using the extractor:

To run documents, you need to launch the extractor click documents

 Here you will see configuration options such as categories, year group, options to insert date, these categories that appear are defined in SIMS, so any changes to the categories will require your SIMS administrator

When you run document export all files are converted into PDF format ahead of the import into FrogLearn the next stage is to configure which documents will be enabled within the MIS Linked Documents widget. To enable you need to navigate to FrogDrive > Applications > FrogParent Manager > MIS Linked Documents


As you can see by default all documents will be set to OFF. This simply means that the documents will not be displayed within the MIS Linked Documents widget. Each heading title allows you to sort the list for that column. The arrow in the heading title will indicate whether the column is sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

Alternatively, you can filter the MIS document information by selecting the filter button.

Documents can be filtered by each of the fields below:

Title, Student, Category, Date first Uploaded, Upload Date, Date Updated Externally

After making your selection click the Actions cog. Select either ON or OFF to make the MIS documents visible within the MIS Linked Documents widget.

NOTE MIS documents set to ON within the FrogParent Manager application are reliant on the user profile permissions set within System Preferences > MIS Importer > Document Permissions.

After completing these steps the last stage is to add the MIS Linked Documents widget to your parent site. Navigate to your parent site within FrogLearn and enter edit mode. The MIS Linked Documents widget will be listed in the Widgets tray.

MIS Linked Documents:

How to use this widget on a site to display documents:

This shows documents held against a child in SIMS, This is to allow the parent to view the documents from within your school’s FrogParent Portal











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