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Please follow the below guidelines in regards to raising a ticket with the Frog Support team, as well as having an "overview" of existing tickets/issues raised.

Raising a ticket with Frog Service Desk

1. Go to 

2. Enter your email address that you registered with and password in the login box and select "Login".

Please note: if you have not yet registered an account, please do so by selecting "Register" at the top of the page, and filling in the appropriate details to create an account.

3. Select "Submit a Ticket".

4. Select "Next".

5. Select your issue type from the necessary drop down menus depending on what product you have with us.

6. Enter the "Subject" as the ticket title to briefly explain what issue you are facing.

7. Enter the description of the issue in the body of the ticket (just under the Subject field). Depending on your query, please confirm the following details so that Support can pro-actively investigate:

*Confirm username or some details of the affected Frog account(s).

*Confirm URL of the affected Frog platform.

8. Attach any necessary files to the ticket that may be useful for the Support Team to investigate (e.g screenshots, XML files from Frog extractor logs etc).

9. Check/select the privacy policy box.

10. Click "Submit" - this will send a ticket over to the Frog Service Desk Team who will in turn respond to you via email or telephone, whichever is preferred. 

11. Once your ticket has been submitted to us, you will be displayed with a page showing the details of the tickets you just submitted through, this will show your unique ticket reference number (Ticket ID) for this particular query:

Please note: It is best to contact the Frog Service Desk Team when you are experiencing a technical issue that cannot be resolved by yourselves in the school, or you can contact us if you are unsure on how to use parts of the product.

The team are available 08:00-17:00 (GMT/BST) Monday to Friday but are closed on UK bank holidays. Please call +44(0) 1422 395939 to contact the Frog Service Desk via telephone and a member of our team can assist you, alternatively, you can email us directly at that essentially will create a ticket, but we do recommend raising a ticket via our ticket system as explained above instead as it may be easier to keep track of what you have raised. 

If you wish to add any further information to your initial ticket submission or wish to call to discuss, please be ready to quote this ticket reference number if you are calling via telephone, or alternatively, you can add a further reply to your ticket within the "My Tickets" area of our ticketing system. Which is used to keep track of your "open" tickets with us, as is explained below.

My Tickets/Current "Open" Tickets

You can use the "My Tickets" area of the Frog ticketing system to do the following:

*Show a general overview and status of the "open" issues you currently have raised with us.

*Respond to tickets separately that are waiting on your response where Frog Service Desk require more information for example

Please note: You need to be logged into the ticketing system in order to see "My Tickets" at the top.

1. Select "My Tickets" at the top of of the page:

2. You will be displayed with an overview of your current "open" tickets you have raised:

3. You can "click" into each ticket to either reply by selecting "Add Reply", and/or to see the latest response from our Frog Service Desk Team:

4. Once you have added your reply, select "Send" to send the response back to our Frog Service Desk Team.

FYI: it may be worth bookmarking on your browser, so that you can quickly access and contact our support team when needed. 

Ticket Statuses

Open - this status is applied to every ticket created or received in the ticket system and means the Frog Service Desk are actively investigating while you are waiting for a response.

Waiting on Client - when the Frog Service Desk need some clarification from you, or confirmation that the issue is resolved, generally when waiting on a response from you. 

With Development - when an issue discovered (which we sometimes call a bug) by you and/or the Frog Service Desk Team requires development to investigate.

Scheduled - a ticket can be set for a pause if it requires a follow up, for example, arranging a remote session for a certain time and date.

Waiting on 3rd Party - if we are waiting on a 3rd party for an update that requires assistance to resolve the issue. 

Customer Service Policy

Our customer service policy makes clear our commitment to providing excellent services. Key to achieving that vision is a good relationship with our customers.

We aim to be:

  • Courteous, helpful, open and honest in delivering high quality services
  • Provide a friendly service, showing respect and sensitivity
  • Professional and positive in our approach
  • Effective in listening and responding to you when you are dissatisfied
  • Treat everyone fairly and equally, with respect and dignity

We would like you to:

  • Treat all of our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Give us the information we need to help you
  • Give us your views and suggestions to help us improve our services

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