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Remote Sessions
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Remote Session Guide

Occasionally, if an issue cannot be replicated externally or if the issue requires the use of local software (such as an MIS extractor problem) the Service Desk will request a remote session to troubleshoot an issue.

There are two main sources of remote software which we use with schools, however if you have a different form of software within school we will do our best to accommodate this.


TeamViewer 14 can be downloaded from:

Once downloaded, and run, the user is presented with a screen showing two options, Allow Remote Control and Control Remote Computer.

To Allow Remote Control the user needs to provide Frog with the information in the Your ID section and the Password. This will allow us to connect to your machine from here. can be downloaded from:

If you do not have the software you will need to select Start Meeting and click the large orange play button.

This will download a small piece of software to your machine. If you then run this you should see a 9 digit code which you need to provide to the Service Desk. We will enter this at our end and then connect to your machine.

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