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Form Application:

Forms are a great simple way of collecting information from your staff, students and parent directly into Frog. And because in most cases they are already logged in you don't have to worry about collecting their details which makes a Frog form a quick task

To enable forms you need to navigate to groups and policies select the profile and enable all three options 

With new form option, you can view all the forms created within Frog which can be assigned or use in a new site 

Here you can assign forms as an assignment or use it in a new site assign it with a group or an individual 

Here I have a single row and I’m going to drag in a Text element. This is actually a RichText box, allowing me to add links, images and make the text bold. I can use this to make a heading in my row top

Now I can keep adding elements in this row, just like a Layout box when page editing, but I could choose to add another row underneath and have additional columns.

• We’ve already mentioned Text
• Single Line – allows me to add a single line for text entry.
• The paragraph gives the Form filler-in a larger space.
• Checkboxes let you set a number of options, which allow for more than one
selection, while
• Radio buttons limit the user to one of the options.
• The dropdown is also like this
• Date Picker lets you select a date
• And File Upload allows your users to upload files to the form. This can be handy for school trips, Reprographics

Each element has options available, just like when you’re editing a page. Most are fairly obvious, so I’m just going to highlight two here:

If you check the Required Field, your users cannot submit the form without filling this bit in

To view the results of the form you will have two options. First, you can add a Data Viewer widget to a page or you can navigate to site menu which is located at the left top corner of the site 

In the form results, I can see all the information, but if I click on the Action Cog, I can export all the data as a CSV spreadsheet or I can clear all the results.

What is Frog Community?

The Frog Community is a Frog site containing several areas including Frog events, tutorials, ribbits (news updates) and the Frog Forum. The link for the Community home page can be found by Clicking Here

The community site is split into 8 sections. These can be accessed by clicking on the sections below:

From the Dickens release (estimated late February 2017 - INSTRUCTIONS SUBJECT TO SLIGHT CHANGES) users will have the option to reset their passwords.

On the login screen at the bottom right of the login area is a “Forgot Password” link. This will only be presented to users who have an authentication type of "Frog" (Not AD linked users).

When clicked, users will be presented with a text box where they can enter their email address. This must be an email address linked to an account on the Frog platform. If an email address is entered that is not linked to an account the user will be notified of the invalid email address. If a user is attempting to reset their password that has an account linked to Active Directory it will not work for them. This functionality only works with manual usernames/password (as it should) as Frog does not have permission to make changes to a schools network.

Please Note: This will not work if more than 1 account has the same email address entered. It is the schools responsibility to keep these up to date on the Frog system/through the MIS.